The spirit of innovation at Hagenbeck Zoo is one of the main characteristics of this famous, long-established Hamburg institution. The vision of a closed atmosphere for the tropical aquarium, an unusual elephant house and an expanded elephant outdoor enclosure was implemented on the occasion of the one hundred year jubilee celebrated in 2007.

In addition to animal welfare, the common goal of all plans was to consider and ideally implement all technical and functional requirements needed for smooth operation up front and behind the scenes. In line with the tradition of the Hagenbeck way of presenting animals, we also wanted to bring the visitor closer to the countries of origin and living area of each animal by way of specific atmosphere and image features.

When the visitor enters the new Tropical Aquarium, which co-defines the entrance area of the Zoo in the style of an East-Asian fortress as a cubic structure, he is surprised by the daylight interior of a tropical ‚outside area’ – well protected under a weatherproof foil roof. The guest is led from station to station as on an expedition – from the ‘Tropical Village Square’ to the ‚Trodden Track’ or the crocodile’s lake via the ‚Underworld’ of cave dwellers through to the fascinating underwater world of the tropical seas. Magnificent impressions combined with a wide range of varied and instructive information on the animals and plants of the tropical regions!

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