The new building is erected on the site of an existing 1970’s vintage outdoor pool. The new structure provides not only a new swimming facility for schools and clubs in the city, but also a variety of new attractions, both indoors and outdoors, for the whole family. Upon demolition of the building containing the indoor pool, a new playground area and sunbathing area for the new pool was located on the cleared site.

The break down of the building mass into staggered structures ties the building closely into the urban environment. The larger and taller elements provide a strong visual presence along the city ring road, while the large glass facade establishes a visual relationship between the building forecourt to the swimming pool. The guest is drawn by the view through the sports swimming pool to the outdoor pool and enters a low-lying entrace hall from the side. The new structure’s showers and changing rooms are located to the north, while the indoor sports pool and events pool form an angle to the south and provide wind protection for the new outdoor pool.

The external brick façade encloses the monolithic volumes within which the lighter-feeling elements clad in curtain wall glazing and fibre cement panels are inserted. The yellow brick is scorched with a brown pigment so that a variety of natural orange and brown tones are achieved. Dark green horizontal strips set into the fibre cement augment the decorative brick coursing; in this way the colour-complimentary building elements are connected into one architectural object.

The internal walls are finished with horizontal stripes and connect to abstract fields of colour faintly reminiscent of the lower Rhine landscape. The locally known silhouettes of the town hall, church and castle towers form the urban foreground. Locally occurring birdlife is painted sitting on the horizontal lines, providing a sense of scale to the environment as well as a coloured room accent.

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