Following a building survey in 2008, Geising + Böker and the building operators developed a masterplan to condense the long term development possibilities for the swimming pool at Ganderkersee into one homogeneous vision.

In addition to retrofitting the indoor swimming pool, a key component of the masterplan was the construction of a new sauna facility. Using the concept of a “country house”, the myriad of ideas for the project were brought together thematically. The new changing rooms, accessed by both the swimming pool and sauna, together with the centrally located kitchen provide space and potential for generous seating areas – the ideas all focussed around the ‘regional’ and the ‘rustic’. Not only the facility, named “Saunahuus” in Low German, but also the treatments reference local culture and allude to aspects of country life.

Thus, the outdoor area was designed as a cottage garden: with an authentic looking beehive as sauna location. In this “Immenhuus”, guests are treated with sauna events and steam generated from wax, honey and royal jelly. Inside, guests are able to choose from, amongst other things, four further saunas and a steam room with ‘Rhassoul’ treatment. The ‘Backhuus’ or ‘Krüderköök’, for example, are similarly designed and atmospherically styled to reflect our chosen theme.

The authentic construction style and lovingly decorated spaces, such as the restaurant, fireplace room, wellness and massage areas, as well as the relaxation and nap rooms complete the remaining public spaces at give the new facility a laid back, comfortable atmosphere.

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