We re-built the indoor swimming pool which had burnt down in 2003, in a cheerful and colourful design with many attractions. In particular the sauna was to be a new „Hotspot“.

Building on the still intact basement of the leisure swimming pool, we enclosed central rooms via structural parts to ensure they provide a colourful Caribbean patio effect together with the transparent, retractable roofs and tropical green area. The houses cover the relaxation and rest areas as well as catering facilities. A central kitchen also serves seats in the entrance hall and the cosy sauna café with fireplace section.

The main attraction of the eight cabin sauna area is a large glass house acting as a moderate temperature zone, where the sauna and rest rooms are designed as individual houses. The project is rounded off by physiotherapy, cosmetics and massage rooms. Great care to detail and the selection of materials and colours create a pure holiday atmosphere, providing space for tropical daydreams.

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