Since 2003, geising + böker has also been continuously updating the sauna and wellness area of the HolstenTherme Kaltenkirchen.

In the first step, the sauna interior was completely changed and redesigned under the theme “Orient”. The client’s decision to create more catering and recreational areas inside the spa, gradually led to the sauna attractions being moved from the indoor area to the outdoor area. The new outdoor sauna area follows the concept of a “sauna world tour”. The new “Mexico sauna” designed by geising + böker will open in the beginning of 2020.

The new salt water relaxation pool, is so cleverly placed so that both swimming pool and sauna guests can utilize the relaxation pool.

An attached winter garden transports the guest into oriental realms from 1001 nights. The recent expansion of the steam sauna “La Mammonia” also focuses oriental design.

Due to the continuously increasing number of visitors, the changing rooms of the sauna area were also extended. Construction for the changing room extension was completed in 2018.

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