In 1914 the Town Planning Director, Fritz Schumacher, designed the bath at Görnestraße, which today is a listed building. The sauna area of the Holthusenbad was no longer in line with the extraordinary of space and architecture of the rest of the baths.

The objective of re-planning was to maintain the clear distinction between old and new while creating a synthesis with the existing construction in terms of material and colour. Under the leitmotif of ‘Old-Eppendorf’ we developed the idea of contemporary interior design relating to the atmosphere of Hamburg at the turn of the century.

The center of the sauna anteroom is formed by a re-interpreted Eppendorf tiled oven and a well basin forming the center of the rest areas. Extensive ceramics and top-quality oakwood furniture dominate the room. The catering areas appear like salons and the rest rooms, parquet flooring, warm colours and beautifully detailed equipment create a cosy atmosphere. A further relaxation lounge is provided by a conservatory.

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