The original indoor swimming hall, which was built back to the 1970s, was in urgent need of renovation, as it no longer met the current requirements for an indoor swimming hall. Therefore, the original swimming hall was adapted to meet today’s technical demands and needs through a general renovation, and a new addition that includes a family area. The overall concept of the addition to the Salzgitter indoor swimming pool, along with the conversion and renovation of the existing building was divided into two construction phases, so that daily swimming operations could continue, with the exception of short-term interruptions.

In terms of design, the swimming hall’s dimensions are divided into several restrained structures with offset flat roofs, thus helping to better integrate the building into the surrounding landscape. The generous glazing on the south and east facades create a flowing transition between indoor and outdoor. In contrast to this are covered areas, with subdued, only moderately lighted areas, in which a more intimate atmosphere prevails. All user-relevant functions are on one level. The visitor enters the building on the ground floor from a plaza, and has imidiately a good view of the bathing halls from the lounge areas in the entrance hall. From the changing rooms the guests reach a continuous barefoot corridor, which serves as a central distribution point. The swimming halls are located south of the changing rooms in a row, and can be separated from each other with large glass partition doors.

The existing swimming facilities was updated with a swimming pool for classes, which has a movable floor, a multi-purpose pool and a children’s pool. This way, there is something for every age group. At the corridor between the hall for pool for swim classes and the sports pool hall, is the lifeguard station from which all parts of the facility can be seen.

The kiosk catering is be centrally located and can thus serve the seats in and around the children’s area on a short way. On the exterior to the east and south of the new indoor pool are open spaces for sunbathing area. In the eastern facade is a terrace for outdoor gastronomy.

Photography: Philipp Neise

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