The biggest challenge of this project was the renovation of the building during ongoing operations. Since the space capacities were limited and were not sufficient to allow all employees to work together in one partial area, the renovation had to take place in two construction phases, with the employees having to move to alternative temporary accommodations. This ensured ongoing customer service.

The renovation concept primarily comprised of the redesigning the façade of an existing building from 1959, as well as newer part of the building from 1980. The aims of the renovation was to adapt to the current requirements of fire protection and technical equipment, as well as to optimize the energy efficiency of the outer shell of the building.

This of course gave the opportunity to give the entire building a contemporary design:

The bright facade of the upper floors now appears fresh and inviting. Window bands structure the former perforated façade and are accentuated with the colors of the AOK logo. By demolishing a part of the building on the south façade, the entrance area is now clearly visible to guests.

During the interior work, the aspects of the room program described in the concept for the renovation were taken into account and all interiors were modernized to AOK standards.

Fotos: Timo Lutz

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