Inspired by the slogan “Health Tourism”, the new construction of the Saarland Therme revives the long-standing tradition of using naturally occurring geothermal waters for therapeutic baths, in Bad Rilchingen.

The Saarland Therme is located on a parcel of land, which has an area of 4,656m²  and a slight incline, that offers spectacular views of the surrounding area. Inside the Saarland Therme, are nine differently themed Sauna und Steam Baths, which are complemented with spacious gastronomy, relaxation and spa areas. The crown jewel of the project is the panorama sauna on the roof of the Saarland Therme, which also connects to adjoining rooftop terraces.

The design of the therme is based on Moorish style. The building’s design is dominated by three square towers, that are emphasized in the floor plan of the building, as well as in the façade. These three towers form a courtyard, also known as a Riad, which is typical of Moorish design. The Riad is the focal point of the building, where all of the various uses in the building connect. The Riad is a covered with a large retractable glass roof that allows natural daylight to flow into the courtyard. The centerpieces of the Riad are the large geothermal pools.

The vast majority of the interior design of the Saarland Therme utilizes actually oriental elements, that were imported directly from Morocco. Most of the imported design elements for the interior design are furniture pieces and lighting fixtures. By adding these original, not normally seen in Europe elements, the designers were able to bring a touch of the Orient to the Saarland area of Germany.

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