The „Haus am Wasser“ is a project close to our heart – since it is an innovative form of residence which enables disabled and acutely disabled adults to lead a life outside their family home despite the extensive care required.

Our concept is based on the twin orientation of a coherent division between private residence and more publicly accessible areas. The red structure parts of the main building, with a ‚closed’ North side and bright, high glass hall in the South, form the functional spine, and the semi-public glass head of the building. They shelter the bright residential wood-panelled wing from three sides, while open verandas face the stream of the ‚Old Hunte’ river.

The care facility also has a local presence seen from afar. Reeds and the stream shelter the everyday life of residents. Natural wood, warm natural colours and surface materials create a cosy atmosphere for residents, visitors and staff.

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