Since the opening of the spa in 1986, the Mineraltherme Böblingen has continuously expanded. At the same time the number of guests and the length of their stay, especially in the sauna area, has also increased. A reorganization of a large access road to Böblingen, offered the opportunity to enlarge the sauna area by means of an extension and to take into account the increased space requirements incurred by the increased number of visitors. The Mineraltherme Böblingen saw this as an opportunity to expand the spa, not only to further increase the number of visitors to the spa, but instead to expand upon the overall quality of the spa. Therefore, the spa launched the “Therme 4.0” project, with the goal of creating a spa well for the future.

The first part the “Therme 4.0” project consisted of several expansions that were implemented without the spa having to shut down during the construction process. Through a detailed and highly organized construction schedule, the architect and builders were able to implement a low-noise construction process, which allowed the spa to continue operating, uninterrupted.

The “Therme 4.0” project added several new lounge areas, including two fireplace lounges, a lounge area with infrared heating, a lounge with warmable seating and a lounge with hammocks. The restaurant and the restaurant kitchen were also expanded to accommodate a larger influx of clients.

Not just the interior of the spa was expanded under the “Therme 4.0” project. The outdoor portion of the spa was also increased, with the addition of a 50 square meter steam room, with showers and plunge pools, as well as additional lounge areas in the rooftop garden area.

During the final four months of the construction process of “Therme 4.0” the spa was forced to close down. This was so that building technologies, such existing sauna equipment, and fire protection equipment could be updated. In addition, a steam room and an aroma sauna were added to the thermal bathing area inside of the spa. Also during this four month closure period, the opportunity was taken to update the interior design of the entire spa, helping to unify the existing spaces with the new additions. Through a nature themed interior design, using natural materials such as wood, glass and natural stone, a quiet and decelerating atmosphere, that is classically associated with spas, was successful implemented in both the new and existing portions of the spa.

Since the reopening of the Mineraltherme Böblingen, the spa has attracted more guests, but more importantly, the guests’ length of stay has increased from 3 hours to 6 hours, helping to highlight the importance and success of the “Therme 4.0” project.

(Fotos: Peter Schilling)


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