The original leisure pool, built in 1970, was torn down for financial reasons. A new indoor swimming pool, conceived as a leisure pool for the family, but also to be used by schools and clubs, was built at the same location. Contrary to its predecessor, the main floor of the new building is easily accessible by the disabled.

The large sunbathing lawn can be used in summer and is embellished by the deck laid out just outside of the indoor pool.

The site is composed by two cube-shaped buildings that are slightly offset to each other, having pent roofs facing north and south, respectively. This arrangement makes the buildings’
functions visible from the outside, while simultaneously fulfilling their different requirements.

The pool section is comprised of a square building with a 5-degree sloped pent roof. With its crown pointing North, the whole surface of the roof is used for the installation of a 67kWp solar power system. The low-lying southerly façade allows for ample natural lighting, while keeping the indoor area from overheating in summer. The three-meter diving board is placed where the roof rises higher, while an additional story is introduced under the building’s crown, housing installations rooms and staff lounges.

The smaller building includes the entrance hall and changing rooms, with the taller, South-facing section housing the inviting and almost entirely glass-clad foyer.
The coherent indoor pool is made up of a sports pool with four lanes, a learner’s pool with a variable-height floor, as well as a kids’ pool. The client, the city’s very own utilities company, chose to stress the pool’s use by clubs and sports associations, as well as learning courses and families with infants.
Through the reduction of water surface areas and services offered, operating costs were cut down by half, allowing for the investment to reach break point within just a few years.

In spite of the tight budget, a pleasant ambience was achieved through the careful selection of materials and color schemes, which the visitors find enjoyable.

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