The building´s design was influenced by existing conditions and strove to achieve a connection between function and programming requirements, such as an existing swimming pool.

The orientation of the existing building on the property, along with the new addition creates a natural pathway into the building, which in turn helps to influence the building´s program.

The purpose of the buildings design was to create an interaction and connection between the new and old, as well as the indoor and the outdoor. A series of skylights connect the existing building and the new addition, while a large south orientated glass façade allows for a fluid interaction to the outdoors for visitors inside the Swimming Hall.

The building form was based around the three main programming areas: the Sports Pool, the Lap Pool and Kid´s Pool. These three areas are separated from one another and are arranged in a manner so that they can operate independently from one another all year long. The building also boasts a Hot Sauna, Herbal Sauna, and a Steam Room.

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