After reassignment of the nationwide sales regions by BMW’s headquarters, the Walkenhorst Group successfully bid for the regions of Vechta and Cloppenburg.

The group ranks among Germany’s largest BMW dealerships and, as a family-run business, has been successful since 1954. Altogether, and including the two future branches in Vechta and Cloppenburg, the company runs nine car dealerships. Other sites include Melle, Osnabrück, Ibbenbüren, Gütersloh, and Diepholz.

Two highly ambitious projects were begun in October of 2012. In less than 12 months, two identical shops were inaugurated, including showrooms, repair shops, tire storages, and checking stations.

The parcel in Cloppenburg measures around 10.000sqm, and lies on Emsteker Street, part of a new industrial estate in Cloppenburg.

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