Big Dutchman AG needed additional office workplaces at the Calveslage location at short notice. For economic optimisation, it was necessary to position the new office buildings in close proximity to each other.
Furthermore, the previous canteen size no longer met the requirements of the increased number of employees at the headquarters in Calveslage.

The new “office and canteen building” comprises 3 building sections: a three-storey block in the west, a three-storey extension in the east and the “canteen bridge”.
The bridge – as a light-flooded canteen for the employees – now connects – across the street Schürenstätte – the previously separate company premises and the new parking area with the office wing.
In the perfect balance between modern and cosy atmosphere, employees can now enjoy a pleasant lunch break. The transparency of the façade allows a generous view of the surroundings.
Most of the furniture is movable and the room therefore has the potential for multifunctional use


Photos: Christian Burmester


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