The STADTHÄUSER (City Houses) are an urban development for the area around the railway station in Vechta that focuses on the theme “Wohnen-Parken-Verbinden”.

With a total of 57 residential units – and thus approx. 4000 sqm of new living space – distributed over three houses, they offer a high-quality, contemporary living standard. The building has an L-shape and is south-west oriented. The quality and comfort of the apartments are underlined by the development’s central location: the main shopping street and the citadel park are all within walking distance of the STADTHÄUSER.

The STADTHÄUSER are designed in such a way that the external differentiation, and the mixing of various sized apartments, create individual apartments with a personal character that are attractive for every generation and family size. From students to singles to extended families – everyone can find an apartment that feels like home.

The façade is finely structured. Different colored bricks, differentiated window formats and an individual design emphasize the quality of the ensemble “Stadthäuser”. The small-scale structure of houses strung together on Grosse Strasse is mimicked in the façade of the STADTHÄUSER.

Below the residential levels, there is a parking garage offering approx. 200 parking spaces. About 70 of these parking spaces are reserved for residents, the rest are for public use. The parking garage is directly connected to the residential floors by an internal staircases. Part of the roof area of the parking garage is located in front of the building and functions as a green city garden, which can be used by residents and visitors alike.

In addition, to the new district, a new pedestrian bridge was designed that connects Vechta West over the railway tracks with the city centre and the city’s train station. Helping to round out the concept of the newly created district, a mobility center has been created at the city’s train station. This includes a bicycle-parking garage with a bicycle repair shop, the city’s tourist information, ticket sales and a commercial area. The façade is made of a mix of glass, brick and brightly colored slats.

Fotos: Timo Lutz, Geising+Böker

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