Since the number of deployments of the Vechta Volunteer Fire Brigade has increased continuously, and the space required has also grown, the construction of a new fire equipment building was unavoidable. The city of Vechta, as the client, decided to call for a competition for this project, which geising+böker won in 2016. In spring 2017, the ground-breaking ceremony marked the start of work on the construction of the new fire equipment building.

The functional structure of the building came as a direct result of the processes of operation of the Vechta Volunteer Fire Brigade.

With a usable area of 2383 sqm and a vehicle hall with 12 gates, its own vehicle wash, and a workshop, the construction project will meet the increased requirements that the city demanded. The large training and recreation rooms are located on the cubic, widely projecting upper floor. The wide corridor in front of the large training room provides space for the cloakroom for 120 people and can be used as a recreation area during breaks. An elevator and a barrier-free WC were planned to supplement the room program.

The compact, functional building structure came from a classically proven design and the use of sustainable, easy-care materials. This made it possible to build the building economically and to maintain it economically in the future.

There are two separate entrances and exits, and a footpath and cycle path open up to the property. In order to avoid obstructions for departing emergency vehicles, the access road for the emergency services and the exit for the emergency vehicles were clearly separated.

It is possible to extend the fire equipment building to the south of the vehicle hall.

Fotos: Timo Lutz, Geising+Böker

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