In September 2012, the historic indoor swimming pool within the city limits of Nordhorn, which had just been renovated, was destroyed by a major fire. In 2013, a decision was made that the new Sports and Family Pool should not be built on the location of the historic building, but instead on the east side of the existing outdoor swimming pool.

The driving concept behind the design of the building was to create a swimming hall for all generations that would invite everyone to use the facilities for sport, as well as leisure. The basic needs of all age groups were considered in the design of the building. Therefore all attractions within the swimming hall are placed on the ground level of the building.

The building program boasts a Lap Pool consisting of 6 lanes that are 25m long, with a shallow end of the pool for swimming lessons and classes, a diving board area with 1m high and 3m high diving boards, a Dark-Hole Water Slide (75m long), a 5m high Climbing Wall that hangs over the pool, and grand stands with a view facing the Climbing Wall.

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