The swimming hall in Mölln is located upon a hill, surrounded by trees, and offers impressive views of the surrounding countryside. The design of the new swimming hall, both on the exterior as well as the interior, incorporates elements of the buildings surroundings into the design, helping to anchor the building in its environment. The exterior of the building is horizontally divided into two. The base of the building is composed of red-brown brickwork, helping to anchor the building in the landscape, as well as reflecting the natural tones of the forest floor. The power coating of the aluminum windows also incorporates these earth tones into the façade of the building as well. The upper portion of the façade, composed of corrugated aluminum, floats above the brickwork in an undulating motion that is reminiscent of a textile blowing in the wind. These themes of an undulating form, along with earth tones and materials are also reflected in the interior design of the spaces within the building. Even the building form in plan, which is an irregular hexagon with rounded edges, takes on an organic shape.

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