A pool located by a river, with express trains running along its north wing, very limited space to build on, and the requirement to finish the new construction before starting to demolish the old pool – this truly was a challenge as hard as they come.

The waterside atmosphere changing with the time of day and the seasons provided a wonderful theme for our ‘‚Riverside Pool’. Extensive sliding openings reflecting images of the river into the indoor areas are a stark contrast to the rigorous closing of the building to the railway track to the North. This long, but narrow building ensures more peace and quiet in the area. A wonderful side effect.

The construction lies like a ship ‚moored’ on the bank of the river Bille, and on its ‚indoors and outdoors decks’ guests can choose between the sports pool with diving platform, the event and heated outside pool or the training section. The pool is enhanced with various facilities for children, a sauna with roof garden and fitness and catering facilities, providing everything for a perfect bathing day at the river for the whole family, all year round.

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