The new construction, designed by Geising + Böker, serves as a replacement building for an indoor swimming pool, whose refurbishment was no longer financially viable. Situated in close proximity to the local school and the town’s main sports facilities, the structure provides both students and teams, as well as the general population of the Simmerath local area, an expansion of the sport and leisure facilities on offer.

Due to the low budget, it was necessary to develop a compact solution for the building which through the use of short circulation routes, optimised room spaces and cost effective materials, permits an unusual, financially efficient implementation of our ideas.

The single storey volume inserts itself into the urban context by adopting the established building line and through the use of the flat roofs typical of the region’s school buildings.

The sports, children’s and learning pools are located in adjoining, acoustically separated areas and, as well as optimising the room’s orientation to the best possible sun path, the large façade openings allow views to the open landscape beyond.

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