Our client at Lüdenscheid was dissatisfied with the existing relationship between the volumes of the existing indoor and outdoor swimming pools; a year round solution was required. For the redevelopment Geising & Böker proposed that the existing 50m pool be shortened to one of 25m and that the new facility be enclosed by a glazed steel structure. The new structure’s walls are punctured by sliding glass openings providing visitors with a smooth transition between the interior and exterior spaces during the summer months and an 80m2 non-swimmer pool has been constructed with diverse massage, floor geyser and neck jets. A pro-tected external zone acts as a buffer between the new indoor children’s zone and existing grounds. Finally, an exciting 70m long enclosed waterslide was added and the start and land-ing zones acoustically separated from the rest of the bathing activities.
Guests searching for rest and relaxation are well catered for by the creation of a new Sauna and Wellness area which, as with the expanded pool facilities, are accessed via the pre-existing changing rooms. On the upper level of the facility, the external spaces contain a new salt water bath raised above the outdoor swimming pool. There, guests are protected from curious glances from the outdoor pool, but still provided with panoramic views of the sur-rounding landscape and grounds. Lastly, spacious sunbathing and recreation areas supple-ment the dry sauna and relaxation zones.

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