In the late 1950s, architect E. P. Lenz created the elegant building ensemble of the city swimming pool facilities in Hanau. It represented many details typical of the time, including the kidney-shaped atmosphere of the post-war years. However, nostalgia was unable to deal with the increasing number of technical and functional defects. A concept in line with requirements for historical monuments was needed to harmonize the charm of the 1950s with the requirements of today.

We removed all installations and additions built after original construction and re-allocated the functions. The extensive sauna now is located above the locker rooms on the ground floor and a central catering service provides for the entrance area, sauna and open air pool. All areas are barrier-free, fresh, bright and spacious. We put the original details in the limelight and provided inconspicuous modernity where required.

Numerous quotations from the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, sons of the town, lead the guests through the building. This leitmotif was maintained with the innovations and we built quite a wet throne room for the children in magnificent gold, red and blue, a room even the Frog King would be envious of.

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