Our objective was to develop a varied range of facilities for high quality leisure events on a tight budget. The central theme was the holiday atmosphere on the North German coasts, and to achieve a lot of atmosphere with simple means. Therefore we opted for a characteristic wooden construction and coloured plastered surfaces instead of full wall tiling. Specially shaped model concrete transformed the children’s area into a varied dune landscape.

Interesting spatial views from the three levels of the swimming pool provide a special visual experience. Extensive glazing closely links the pool to the outside, and the retractable roof provides a view to the skies.

The bathing experience also includes a sports pool with five lanes, an event pool (140m²), an outside pool (200m²) which can be used all year round, as well as a sauna section with fireplace room and sauna garden. In 2005, the facility was enhanced with an enlarged children’s area and additional sauna attractions.

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