Where moorland meets marshland, in a green area with beautiful trees, an attractive waterworld was to be constructed from an open air pool in need of repair.

The theme of the new waterworld was based on a nostalgic journey on an Elbe ferry. Indoor and outdoor design both include scenes of the local river landscape: ship, shipyard, port, harbour town, river loop, bathing bay and fishing village.

Embedded in a wonderfully landscaped outdoor area using typical local elements, a special waterworld emerged with unique charm. Seen from the outside, the bathing bay seems to be a collage of staggered, fractured buildings, from which some emblematic structural parts protrude. The sports area, the event area with fun and kids’ pool, slide and various pool attractions, the open air pool with a 600m2 pool as well as the sauna with 5 cabins, open air pool and generous sauna garden all are located on various staggered levels with fascinating spatial views. Local, typical decorations are an essential part of the new experience concept.

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