A villa by the lake, a relic from a bourgeois culture, here in the local recreation area at Lake Goitzschesee, the former brown coal mining region in the Lausitz.

It was possible to secure its listed substance, especially the facade. The structure of the building with its salons and suites was gently adjusted to modern use conserving the listed elements. A noble restaurant forms the public section of the house on the ground floor, together with the bar and lounge. Individually designed and surprisingly furnished apartments are located above the conference area on the first level and on the second level beneath the roof. As in the salons of Wilhelmian style, a dominant colour defines the respective basic character of each room. Contemporary lights, modern furniture and fitting accessories perfectly link them to our days.

A popular, family-friendly beer garden appeals to a wide range of guests with a fantastic view of the lake and a relaxed atmosphere. As a meeting place and center of attraction for locals and tourists, the Biermann’sche Villa is a symbol for the will of this region to rebuild after 1989.

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