Since 2003, geising + böker has been supervising the renovation and extension work at the HolstenTherme. In order to enhance the quality of the stay, as well as meet the contemporary wishes of the visitors, various renovations and modernizations had to be carried out in the bath area, and several building additions had to be designed.

The first addition was a new children’s area and a saltwater pool. Afterwards, the outdoor pool that was in need of renovation, was replaced by a new building that better meets the requirements for swimming. As part of this addition, the existing large slide was also replaced and received its own separate building with a slide landing area. In the winter garden, the seating and lying areas were extended to increase the relaxation area for the guests.

Due to the continuously increasing number of visitors, the entrance area was redesigned and added on to the existing building in a “Colonial Style”. In addition, the changing rooms for the bathroom area were also extended.

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