A family swimming pool was to be developed – with a 25m-sports pool, various event and kids’ areas, an open air pool and a sauna. A spa for the residents of the town and the vicinity and for holidaymakers and tourists from the nearby holiday resort.

We researched into what was special about Bad Bentheim and discovered the Bad Bentheim sandstone found everywhere in the area, from the castle down to the stone walls enclosing the surrounding fields. We saw the new swimming baths as a sequence of walls supporting the southern slope between Bentheim and Gildehaus. We created cubes from these walls, blended those spatially and traced the functional links via three large structures. The bright Danish clinker is close to sandstone in terms of effect and texture. Colours and materials together spacious openings harmoniously link the in and outdoor areas.

The natural swimming pool sets new standards as an alternative to conventional open air pools. Sauna garden and atrium sauna provide guests with six cabins, a sauna pool as well as rest and relaxation rooms all year round. It is a word-art or art-word-project, built from terms of nature poetry placed in a modern context giving visitors room for their associations.

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