The pilot project at the Schanzenstraße gave us opportunity to rethink the set-up for a contact and consultancy centre for disabled persons. We envisaged a lively house, with music and babbling voices, alive indoors and outdoors.

The building was to be pleasant and blend naturally into the surroundings. We therefore placed the building on the limited area to form a patio together with the existing building. The open space potential now concentrates at the sheltered center of the premises. In addition to a café and care facilities, the plan also included a travel agency, legal consulting and aid in dealing with authorities. Communication, talks, information and a community feeling – all these aspects are reflected in the various spatial situations we created.

The lounge in the entrance hall, spacious group rooms with wide horizontal window strips and open areas which invite you to socialize – the overall concept is convincing. Warm and intensive colours, fine wooden structures and plenty of light in partially multi-level rooms join the varied spatial structure to a building of strong recognition value.

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