Alongside the new construction of the Audi Terminal for the Starke Group, completed in September of 2012 by Geising + Böker, a new VW shop was built on a 16.000sqm sub-plot of the jointly-held property on Falkenrotter Street, home to the new “Vechta Automobile Mall”.

A distinct feature of VW’s Architecture is the white frame, which has been the premium brand’s corporate identity in construction ever since 2009. Based on the company’s modular concept, the 2.600sqm gross surface area includes a 600sqm showroom with 5m ceiling height, as well as an attached repair shop with fifteen hydraulic lifts.

Following the preparatory groundwork, accompanied by simultaneous clearing of unexploded ordnance from WWII during the course of the construction of the Audi Terminal in 2012, the Volkswagen building was successfully finished in 2013.

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