The primary conceptual intentions for Audi’s corporate architecture are dynamism, asymmetry and transparency. The dynamic of the asymmetrical curve, as three dimensional spatial form, defines the Audi terminal. The showroom’s Audi curve imagines the displayed cars in a streetscape situation within the confines of the structure. The dynamic room effect is achieved through the sloped wall surfaces. The showroom curve, as principal element opens itself to the main façade and gives the Audi terminal its unmistakable look. The Audi terminal façade is a truly identity-defining feature of Audi corporate architecture and its uniqueness is based on the interplay between transparent and closed sections of façade. This design concept has been applied to the Vechta Audi terminal.

The 3.3 ha site at Stukenborg 130 was selected for the construction project due to its ideal location close to the city centre and encompasses sufficient area for the project’s size as well as providing room for future expansion. Vechta’s shopping centres on Falkenrotter Straße are also in close proximity. The site originally formed part of the Vechta Airfield and over 650kg of bomb fragments left over from World War II were found on site during preliminary investigations by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service. The clean up of the site lasted four months. Due to the poor substrate, much of the site needed to be replaced with material suitable for building upon. In areas of especially high structural load, piles were drilled in place.

With a finished size of 41 x 62m , the new structure offers 1.400m2 of showroom space and 1.100 m2 for an associated workshop. To the west of the terminal, an area for used cars has been provided. A total area of 1.440 m2 stands available for Audi used cars.

As general planners, the Vechta branch of the architectural office Geising + Böker undertook the complete planning process. In close cooperation with the Starke Gruppe and Audi’s construction supervision team, a strong group consisting of consultants from the architectural, structural, landscape architecture, mechanical services, fire safety, hydrological and earthworks branches of the building industry planned and realised the first Audi terminal of its kind in northern Germany.

Heinrich Brinkhus, Managing Director for Geising + Böker Vechta expresses his sincere thanks to all involved for their cooperation. The existing team of consultants is currently planning the new VW showrooms for the Starke Gruppe in Vechta.

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