Center Parcs Bostalsee is a year-round family oriented holiday park that is a successful combination of nature and relaxing surroundings geared towards all age groups. The entire concept of Center Parcs Bostalsee focuses around a central building of approximately 13,000 m2, which can be broken down into two cores: the “Aqua Mundo” and the “Market Dome”. The “Aqua Mundo” is a 3,800 m2 tropical water park with numerous attractions and plenty of leisure area for relaxation. The “Aqua Mundo” contains a wave pool, various water slides, a whirlpool, a water playground for children of all ages, and a heated 240m2 outdoor pool, all of which can be used all year long. The “Market Dome” boasts various restaurants, a super market, an indoor playground, a mini golf course, bowling alley, and many other activities for families to enjoy, regardless of the weather outside. The design of the entire central building is based around a storyline that was developed by geising + böker. The narrative focuses upon the idea of an expedition around the equator, over all continents, in search of “Lucky Charms” and exotic plants, which helped to define the colors and decorating schemes for the unique interior of the entire central building.

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