If you look at the building today, you wouldn’t believe this business building is based on a building complex of the 1970s – and you’re not supposed to.

As a result of the change in appreciation and acceptance of urban quality of historical small-section structures since the 1980s, post-modern buildings like the one at Falkenrotter Straße no longer appear up-to-date. However, the open interior structure enabled us to perfectly adjust the interior to the complex wishes of the user. On the outside we were able to carefully incorporate the block-filling structures already existing, including the extension, into the small-sectioned environment by way of a differentiated sequence of gabled structures and the dominant tower at the entrance. Spacious areas to the West and East considerably increase the urban quality of the vicinity.

With its timeless material of copper and clinker and generous external area design, the building has been an integral part of public life in the town of Vechta for around ten years.

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