The old open air and indoor swimming pool had sunk in the flood catastrophe of 2002. We allowed it to re-emerge as a health-oriented facility for residents and tourists to the Bavarian Forest.
The local building tradition and Kneipp culture (hydropathic treatment) of Bad Kötzting were our central themes in developing a traditional-contemporary atmosphere.

By means of alignment, true-to-scale proportions and materiality we ensured that the facility parts are coherent and blend naturally into the structure of the location. The main building spreads over three levels housing the entrance hall, locker rooms, catering facilities, as well as the treatment, Kneipp, beauty and wellness section.

Perpendicular to the main wing, the health pool designed as a yard is surrounded by the sports pool, sauna and fitness area. Extensive glazing in the wall and roof creates an outdoor appearance and ensures smooth transition to the large green areas with a variety of old trees.

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