The basic concept behind the Asia Spa was to create of a flowing sequence of amorphous spaces that help the guest to intuitively move throughout the spa. By narrowing or widening spaces in both height and width, a wide range of spatial impressions and atmospheres are created, that correspond with the functions enclosed in each space. This helped to create a space that was as much a room, as it was a pathway that led the visitor to various wellness areas geared towards specific functions or activities. The key element in this pathway was water, in the form of a stream that helped to connect all of the rooms in an amorphous manner, as well as helping to highlight certain elements, such as pools and saunas, along the path. The interior design of the spa, follows the Far Eastern concept of Yin and Yang (light and dark), which can be seen in the dramatic lighting of the stream and the cool, dark materials and lighting in the seating/relaxation areas.

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