This detached pavilion in the park has been a favourite job of many architects since the 18th century. With the glass solitaires of Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson, this building finally entered the modern age. For the enchanting Rhododendron Park of the Bruns Nursery in Gristede, we were to design an events pavilion and decided on exactly this type of typology.

We were fascinated by the immediate experience of nature created, which stood in contrast to the coolness of the glass cubes. Mirroring and reflection, the varying lighting and the change of the seasons – all of this passed before our spiritual eyes while we designed the building. Constructed in only wood, glass and metal, the axial structure now forms the center piece of the overall complex. All auxiliary sections were concentrated compactly and almost invisibly at the rear area, so that there was ample space available for flexible use of the garden. An abstract tree ceiling lends a gentle touch to the room and gives the pavilion the impression of its original form of a leafy alcove.

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