We gladly accepted the challenge of integrating an administration building into a landscape garden. For an expanding company of international reputation, we developed a convincing building concept which naturally blends into the local building tradition and yet still appears as a contemporary construction.

A high glass entrance hall welcomes visitors and staff. It divides the office wing designed as a twin system. The two to three-level building is designed with structures and facades facing a park on one side and a street on the other side. Wide window strips and glass halls fuse the interior and exterior areas to a unit. Wooden, dark-red clinker and plaster facades provide a harmonious transition to the surrounding landscape supported by the natural colour spectrum of materials.

The pond near to the house reflects the building and surrounding and typifies an English landscape garden.

After fifteen years, the intended close link between architecture and park can now be seen in its entire splendour. Patience and long-term vision come natural to tree nurseries.

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