To provide a long term planning overview of the building work on premises of this fast growing company, we developed an overall concept which visually combines existing and extension buildings into one unit in terms of function.

In this first building section we tackled the problem of lack of office space. Designed as a long block structure, the new construction now separates the works area from the representative green area located in front with only short distances between the warehouse and administration. Linked to the low existing building is a two-level entrance structure whose western extension increases to three levels plus stacked storey and which runs across three levels with a distinctive projection. Bearing outside walls enable flexible, varied interior structure with multi-level inside rooms, galleries and terraces.

The tectonic character of the shell is accentuated by the brick-lined shell staggered across three levels. The colour and texture of existing facades are enhanced by using red-violet clinker creating a consistent, peaceful impression despite the variety of structures. Long window strips accentuate the expansiveness of the building and thereby the characteristic features of the Oldenburg landscape – the wide horizon.

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