Day-care center for children „Falkennest“, Oranienburg

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A day-care center for children by the lake, surrounded by wonderful old trees. For us adults, that would suffice, but children demand far more than that.

The needs of the children were at the focus of our thoughts, accompanied by a very tight budget. First of all, we wanted to provide enough room to romp around and play. In addition, we implemented a skilful infrastructure which ensured smooth work behind the scenes. After all, our main protagonists shouldn’t feel disturbed by such ‘unimportant’ things as catering and administration.

High and low rooms, insights, extensive views and small peepholes; we designed a whole range of rooms and perception potential to impress the kids. The simply aligned structure was divided into clear sections by strong, clear colours which assist in providing orientation in the building. The little hawks have meanwhile entered their nest and, as we’ve heard, are very pleased with our work.


New construction of a day-care center for children


Architecture, LP 1–8



Start of construction:




Gross area:

1.415 m²

Gross capacity:

5.910 m³

Building costs (KG 200–700), net:

2,08 Mio. €   

Building owner:

Stadtservice Oranienburg GmbH

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