geising + böker – Places with a Feelgood Factor

Our Claim: To appeal to all the feelings and senses of building owners, users and visitors of our buildings.

Our Method: Ideal execution of the wishes and needs of our clients.

With over thirty years of experience in the development and realization of recreational buildings, we are able to give people what they are looking for in our buildings: recreation and relaxation. Places where people experience that feelgood factor with all their senses.

From reduced and elegant to playful and opulent: our designs are typified by creativity and imagination. Yet it is the uniqueness of the task in hand which is central to our work, and not our personal preferences – an approach our building owners appreciate.

Our objective: to create a unique atmosphere! We consistently transfer experience from the recreation field to other planning scenarios and construction tasks. We create buildings, rooms and situations where people enjoy staying, which they recall with joy and to which they gladly return.

geising + böker – Creating Places with a Feelgood Factor.

geising & böker